FIP Facilitator Spotlight: Hamilton City Schools

FIP Facilitator Name: Alison Gettler
Title: 4th Grade Teacher
School/District: Hamilton City School District

When did you begin working on formative instructional practices?
Two years ago, our district started training administrators and a staff member in each building. I began using FIP immediately after completing Module 1: Introduction to FIP.

How did you get started? 
I started small by beginning to think more about the way I was managing my classroom. I started asking myself what was driving my lessons. Was it the student's ability, the curriculum map, the assessments, etc.? I knew that it was mostly the map, followed by the student ability, and then the assessment.

Clear Learning Targets.png

Share an "I used to think... but now I think..." moment you've had when learning about or implementing FIP.
I used to think that posting a learning target was a waste of time, but now I use it as a conversation piece to every lesson I teach.

What have been your biggest challenges in advancing the use of FIP?
The biggest challenge is having many types of changes at once. FIP has been great to help with the OTES model, but juggling everything all at once can still be a challenge.

What impact do you see FIP having in your school/district?
I think that if everyone is implementing it, as designed, there will be huge impacts across the district. Sometimes there is a little convincing to do, but I think this is the year where many will see the individual impacts that FIP is making.

Effective Feedback.png

What successes have you seen in implementation so far?
My students are responding well to the frequent feedback, formative assessments, and small groups. I find that they are encouraging and helping each other more and more as they hear me tell them, "we are all in this together," because teamwork is so important to me.

What advice do you have for other FIP Facilitators or educators getting started with formative instructional practices?
Find one area that you feel needs to change, and start there. Add on as you go! Ask yourself, what do my students need most to be successful, and what can I do to help them see their potential?

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