FIP Video of the Week

FIP in a Blended Classroom

Step inside Mrs. Spillman's classroom as students use technology to take ownership of their learning and create space for timely and effective feedback.


  • What components of FIP did you hear Mrs. Spillman describe as she was talking about the math software?
  • What example of student ownership of learning did Kim describe?
  • How does this math program complement Mrs. Spillman’s instruction?


  • How do you embed all the components of FIP into your classroom?
  • How do your students see and reflect on their individual progress?


  • How will you incorporate a blended approach to enhance learning in your classroom with technology? Without technology?
  • If you have an opportunity to evaluate software for instructional use, what aspects would you look for in the software?

*The Ohio Department of Education and Battelle for Kids do not endorse specific vendor software, as seen in this video. There are no strategic relationships involved in the production of this video.