New Tool: Course Selector

When I talk to my teacher friends and family members about FIP Your School Ohio, they often ask me which resources are the best ones for them.

There are so many modules, which one should I take? Are there guides or handouts I could share with my team? I saw that blog post you wrote, but is there anything else for my grade level?  

Because we're connected, I'm usually able to answer their questions and match their grade levels, subject areas, and interests with the modules or resources that would be just perfect for them.

Here’s a prime example: about a year ago, I suggested to my mom – who teaches first grade in Oakwood City Schools – that she complete FIP in Action: Mathematics, Grade 1—Problem Solving Adding Three Numbers. It was a module was completely new to her, and she used it to prepare for an observation with her principal. She thought the module was extremely valuable, so she even walked her team through the module during one of their professional development days. You can read a little bit more about her experiences with FIP and teaching here.

But my experience with suggesting modules is not unique! Everyone on the FIP Your School Ohio team is always making these kinds of recommendations for the teachers in their lives. So based on our success working with the educators we know, we wanted to create a way to help everybody find these “perfect for you” resources to easily personalize your learning.

After a couple of months of hard work, we are so happy to announce the debut of the FIP Course Selector! For every grade level, subject area, interest, and experience level with formative instructional practices, FIP Your School Ohio provides professional learning modules for educators across the state. Now, you can create your own unique learning path aligned to your professional experiences and needs with the Course Selector tool.

An Example of Using The Course Selector for Personalized Learning