FIP in Action: Social Studies and ELA

In the new FIP in Action: Social Studies and ELA, Grade 2 Biographies module, you’ll see what formative instructional practices look and sound like in Grade 2 social studies and English language arts. You’ll also see how teachers and students can use formative instructional practices to move learning forward.

This module features a first year teacher – Ms. Smith. Her perspective can be helpful for beginning teachers, and experienced teachers starting to teach in a new grade for the first time. In the module, Ms. Smith works with her team to pair learning targets together for social studies and English language arts, specifically in the areas of speaking and listening. See for yourself just how well these targets go together.

As a teacher, you’ll see how Ms. Smith learns some valuable lessons related to pre-assessment and planning learning to meet students’ needs. One of those lessons is simple: good teaching starts with good information. You’ll see real examples of student work, high-quality rubrics, modeling, student goal-setting, and effective grouping. Take this module to get concrete ideas that you can use with your students for pre-assessment, planning, and action. Speaking of action (this is FIP in Action after all), you’ll also learn how Ms. Smith intervenes with students who are struggling. Keep in mind that the goal of the module is not to teach you about FIP, but to help you put powerful strategies into action. At the end of the module, you’ll be guided to commit to action with your team, noting takeaways, practices to try, and practices to help your students try.

On a final note, this module is perfect for a student teacher. The timing is perfect, too, as many student teachers are about to begin their full semester of student teaching. Please share this module with your colleagues who are mentoring student teachers this year. It might help everyone – especially the students – get off to a good start. You can learn more about FIP in Action: Social Studies and ELA, Grade 2 Biographies here

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