Deconstructing Standards at Mound Street Academy

This blog post was written by Mary Wolf. Mary is a FIP Specialist for the Southwest Region, a part of a regional support system available to help your LEA advance the use of formative instructional practices. 

This year, I had an opportunity to visit Mound Street Academy in Dayton, Ohio.  The principal and FIP lead, George Herbanek, gave me a tour of their school.  They primarily use online learning with their students, coupled with face-to-face flexible group instruction based upon student needs.  During our conversation, George mentioned they had worked on deconstructing in the fall to find the gaps.  He said it was a real eye-opener for everyone and was time well-spent.  Here is a paragraph written by Ralph Grant, a Science teacher at the school.

Mound Street Front.jpg

"The staff at Mound Street Academy determined that in order to improve the academic instruction of our students, we needed to deconstruct the academic content standards.  The staff had two intensive days working in academic teams to find gaps in the curriculum.  It was challenging at times, but we were able to pinpoint areas that needed improvement.  The staff used what we learned and incorporated it into our GAIN (Get Academic Instruction Now) period to strengthen our academics and to prepare students for the OGT.  We have also used FIP to guide all of our teaching.  All teachers are using learning targets to provide our students with a GPS to know where they are going; and the teachers know what was learned.  It enables the student to have ownership in what they are learning."

If you are interested in learning more about FIP, check out our State Level Support page to see our FIP Specialists by region as well as information on training for your LEA's.