What's On Deck: A Preview of New FIP Resources

One of my favorite things about working with the FIP Your School Ohio team is getting to see how new resources to support teachers are developed. I’ve been inspired watching expert former educators, current practitioners, and our partners at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) turn great ideas into actionable modules and guides; all of which are intended to help teachers grow and support student learning. All Ohio teachers can explore these free resources and apply what they learn to their daily practice.

A few weeks ago, I shared information about the formative instructional practice online learning resources with my mom, a first grade teacher in Oakwood City Schools. She completed FIP in Action: Mathematics, Grade 1—Problem Solving Adding Three Numbers. This module was completely new to her, and she used it to prepare for an observation with her principal. She thought the module was extremely valuable, so she even walked her team through the module during one of their professional development days. (I’m writing another blog post about her experience, so stay tuned to hear her story.)

There are many resources already available to support blended, professional learning:

We encourage you to choose something that sparks your interest, and investigate it further individually or with your team.

I also want to share information about new resources coming soon. This spring and summer, the FIP Your School Ohio team will be releasing several new tools to supplement the online learning that already exists.

Here’s a preview:

FIP in Action Modules
Be on the lookout for new FIP in Action Modules this spring and summer, which will cover various grades in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. FIP in Action: ELA, Grade 5—Opinion Writing is currently in development, and should be released in the next month. The FIP in Action modules are designed to help teachers implement Ohio’s New Learning Standards by showing how formative instructional practices can be used in specific grades and subjects. These modules include many deconstructions, downloads, activities, and takeaways. You’ll also see many classroom scenarios demonstrating how teachers and students can use formative instructional practices to move learning forward.

Reaching all Students: Formative Instructional Practices for Special Populations
Do you ever work with English language learners, gifted students, or students with special needs? What’s great about these three modules is that you have the chance to see practices in action, explore ideas specific to each group of students, and gain valuable insights that can be applied in the classroom with all of your learners. These modules can support your teaching whether you’re experienced or just beginning your work with the population. These three modules will be available later this spring!

  • Formative Instructional Practices: Reaching English Language Learners
  • Formative Instructional Practices: Reaching Gifted Learners
  • Formative Instructional Practices: Reaching Students with Disabilities

Designing Sound Assessment Modules
Classroom assessment literacy is critical for teachers exploring new ways to measure student growth. These modules can be taken separately depending on which topic is of interest to you, but they all include valuable information about how formative instructional practices can help educators accurately measure student growth in the classroom. Look for these six modules this summer!

  • Beyond Blueprints
  • Rubrics and Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)
  • Selected Assessment Methods
  • Written Assessment Methods
  • Performance Assessment Methods
  • Verbal Assessment Methods

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