A Movement in the Making


When I present to educators, I often show a YouTube video of a shirtless guy who begins dancing on a hill at an outdoor concert. He appears to be a hapless leader. This lone man is joined by a second and third brave soul, and we begin to see a movement in the making. The key message is that it takes more than a motivated leader to create a movement; it takes a handful of early followers who support the leader by showing others that it’s okay—and yes, fun—to join in.

What is the connection between this concert scene and FIP Your School?  I like to think of FIP as a movement; a powerful forward-moving wave to enhance teacher practice—designed to increase student learning. It’s not a phase, an initiative, or a program. The movement is to deepen instruction and assessment expertise across Ohio by providing educators with accessible, interactive tools and processes—now and into the future.

We need more leaders and early adopters to create a bigger spark. There are already many Ohio educators who are highly engaged in using formative instructional practices to help them meet the expectations of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), Ohio’s New Learning Standards, 3rd Grade Guarantee, student learning objective (SLOs) and value-added growth expectations. Leadership teams across Ohio have decided that formative instructional practices are the set of skills all teachers need to help them and their students be successful in meeting each of these demanding expectations.

Take a look at some of our data that affirms that there are leaders and followers across Ohio that are making remarkable strides:

FIP Your School is also showcasing these practices in multiple ways to give you examples of how formative instructional practices are evolving and what they look likeSeveral new modules that depict scenarios of FIP in the context of the new standards are currently available—and more are coming.  Another exciting addition is the video library, highlighting teachers’ and leaders’ practices. FIP Campus, a web-based collaborative space, offers educators a way to share and learn from each other. This spring, statewide conference presentations are focusing on stories of FIP implementation at the classroom and leadership levels.

I encourage you to share your own learning journey. Join FIP Campus, add to this blog, come to our presentations at statewide conferences, and follow #OHFIP on Twitter. And, if you need support, contact your local FIP Specialist; they are invaluable resources who just might be like the dancer on the hill—knowledgeable, passionate leaders who are engaging followers in the FIP movement.

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