FIP Quote of the Day

“Teaching my students to engage in peer feedback has worked; they have developed in terms of identifying areas of success and intervention for one another. Eric, one of my gifted students who is actually younger than his peers, has benefited from the social interactions. Though he tends to be a perfectionist, I have seen him become more accepting of errors. He is more interested now in figuring out how to improve. I used to spend a lot of time providing written and oral feedback to students. Teaching my students to use effective peer feedback saves me time, because my students take more ownership of their learning and provide each other with high-quality feedback.”

- Mr. Perez: Formative Instructional Practices: Reaching Gifted Students Module


As a part of the Reaching Every Student series, Formative Instructional Practices: Reaching Gifted Students deepens teachers' understanding of how to use formative instructional practices to meet the needs of gifted students and maximize their achievement and growth.This module is available for all Ohio educators here