Redesigned FIP Your School Ohio website

The FIP Your School Ohio website usually receives somewhere around 10,000 unique pageviews per month during the school year. On occasion, the numbers are as high as 15,000 unique pageviews per month. With more than 27,000 educators using the FIP Your School tools and resources, those numbers shouldn't surprise me - but I have to admit, it still catches me off guard every time I look at the analytics.

This is the final year of Ohio's Race to the Top, and without a doubt, it will be the busiest year yet for the FIP Your School project. In the next 11 months or so, we will be creating and releasing approximately 30 additional FIP in Action modules, a handful of classroom assessment literacy modules (including one about SLOs), and a variety of other resources designed to help educators advance their use of formative instructional practices through collaborative, professional blended learning. I know it sounds like a lot (and it is), but one of the goals of the project is to create resources that will be useful to educators long after Race to the Top ends.

With so many educators engaged in FIP work, and so many new resources to be released in the next year, we knew it was important that the website be informative, engaging, and above all, easy to navigate. Hopefully, our redesign has accomplished that! New functionality, such as the filterable fileroom, has been implemented to help you sift through FIP resources and find exactly what you need. And, the new blended learning section of the site outlines the various types of learning tools available and makes it easy to enroll in online learning modules.

I hope that this redesign makes it a little easier for you to learn about formative instructional practices. If you have any feedback on the new site, or ideas about how to make it  better, please leave me a comment below!

Whitney Eubanks
Senior Communications Specialist, Battelle for Kids