FIP Facilitator Spotlight: Batavia Local Schools


FIP Facilitator Name: Dana Kilgore 
Title:  Literacy Coach and Title One Reading Teacher
School/District: Batavia Local Schools

When did you begin working on formative instructional practices?
We began working on FIP in the spring of 2012.

How did you get started? 
Our work with FIP began with our involvement with the RttT Grant and the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (OAC) through Battelle for Kids.

Share an "I used to think... but now I think..." moment you've had when learning about or implementing FIP.
I used to think that we would administer a test and give a grade, then move to the next concept....but now I know that assessment truly is feedback from the learner. When assessments align to the standards and instruction matches the rigor of the standard, learning is at its highest level. When students are able to receive and give descriptive feedback on the learning, ownership of learning will increase student achievement.

What have been your biggest challenges in advancing the use of FIP?
Teachers think that FIP is another new initiative, when it is actually best practice. We have overcome this challenge with the changes that are occurring at the state level. It is perfect timing for us to embed FIP into our system of learning. Our district, with the help of the OAC and FIP Your School, has made FIP a priority for our K-12 classrooms. I have been in education for the past twenty years, but we are finally engaging in conversations, practicing our teaching methods, and learning from one another. The research is clear: how do you increase student achievement? Formative Instructional Practices!

What successes have you seen in implementation so far?
Teachers are aligning their instruction to standards and creating clear learning targets. These learning targets are also being used in assessment design. Once the assessment is given, it is clear to the teacher and students which targets have been mastered. It also allows reteaching to happen on the standards that have not been mastered.

What impact do you see FIP having in your school/district?
Teachers  are becoming more consistent in practice and expectations. Pockets of FIP can be confusing to some students. When FIP is embedded with high levels of fidelity, student achievement will increase.

What advice do you have for other FIP Facilitators or educators getting started with formative instructional practices?
I believe that having a network team of teachers and administraters from the elementary, middle, and high school levels has been crucial. I also believe the FIP modules and resources have set a strong foundation for our learning.

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