FIP Facilitator Spotlight: Oakwood City Schools


FIP Facilitator Name: Bridget Fiore
Title: Social Studies Teacher
School/District:  Oakwood City Schools

When did you begin working on formative instructional practices?
Summer 2012

How did you get started?
Our district called on interested staff to become FIP Leaders, so I volunteered.

Share an "I used to think... but now I think..." moment you've had when learning about or implementing FIP.
I used to think that I had to grade everything, but now I know that students can be just as involved as me in providing feedback that moves learning forward for everyone.

What have been your biggest challenges in advancing the use of FIP and what are you doing to overcome them?
ime is my biggest challenge. I need time to deconstruct standards, time to allow students to give each other feedback, time to reteach when needed, and time to provide good feedback and models.  For me it all comes back to time.

What successes have you seen in implementation so far?
Deconstructing standards with my team and collaborating on common lessons & assessments has built a stronger academic program for me and for my students.

What impact do you see FIP having in your school/district?
FIP gives our staff a common language.  When we talk FIP practices, we often feel validated in what we have already been doing in our classrooms.

What advice do you have for other FIP Facilitators or educators getting started with formative instructional practices?
Embrace FIP - believe that this is not a new program. It is a great set of tips to help good teachers expand on what they are already doing.

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