FIP Facilitator Spotlight: Miamisburg City Schools


FIP Facilitator Name: Barbara Goralski
Title:  Teacher
School/District: Miamisburg City Schools

When did you begin working on formative instructional practices?
Spring 2012


How did you get started? 
I attended a kick-off training and saw some of the FIP videos on the website, which sparked my interest.

Share an "I used to think... but now I think..." moment you've had when learning about or implementing FIP.
I used to think that formative instructional practices were difficult, but now I realize that it's a new way to name the practices that I was already doing in the classroom.

What have been your biggest challenges in advancing the use of FIP?
Some people see formative instructional practices as just another task to complete; but it's actually good teaching, rather than just another 'thing'. 

What successes have you seen in implementation so far?
I've seen teachers keeping better track of the information that they gather and using it to further their students' knowledge and ownership of learning.

What impact do you see FIP having in your school/district?
There is much more of an emphasis on achievement and mastery in our school and throughout the district.

What advice do you have for other FIP Facilitators or educators getting started with formative instructional practices?
FIP can be done. Start slowly and be sure to create a good plan of implementation. 

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