FIP Facilitator Spotlight: Franciscan University of Steubenville


FIP Facilitator Name: Mary K. McVey, Ed.D.
Title:  Professor of Education
School/District: Franciscan University of Steubenville

When did you begin working on formative instructional practices?
I began working on formative instructional practices in our educator preparation program approximately four years ago.

How did you get started? 
I got started by realizing that I needed to be teaching my pre-service candidates about formative instructional practices.

Share an "I used to think... but now I think..." moment you've had when learning about or implementing FIP.
I used to think that FIP was going to take a long time to implement in schools, but now I think that it is so important for implementation in K-16 classrooms, and I observe many more educators using FIP.

What have been your biggest challenges in advancing the use of FIP?
The biggest challenges are sorting out the variety of formative and summative assessments and how to organize the data.

What successes have you seen in implementation so far?
Successes have included the importance of involving our students in their own learning and the importance of clear and meaningful feedback to students aligned to clear learning targets.

What impact do you see FIP having in your school/district?
Both myself and my students believe the most beneficial impact of using FIP is in genuine student learning.

What advice do you have for other FIP Facilitators or educators getting started with formative instructional practices?
Continue to engage in dialogue with one another regarding how FIP is working for our students.

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